Family Restoration, Our Aboriginal Family Restoration program is a 3 month program aimed at Reunification and Prevention of families and children that have been in, or are at risk of, out of home care under the order of Child Protection.

This program includes an intensive 3 week live in program completed in our Family Restoration house based in Morwell, followed by further 9 weeks of support from a caseworker when back in the family home.

This program aims to provide a safe return of children to their parents by making sure the parents have a routine in place for the children and know how to provide safety for their children. During your stay in Restoration house, our staff will provide support for you and your children on a 24 hour basis (negotiable) and complete a parenting assessment.

Referrals into this program can only be made via Child Protection. If you are interested in this program contact your Child Protection Worker or telephone Wanjana Lidj on
(03) 5133 8200 for support to make a referral.