Integrated & Intensive Family Services

A program that provides up to 12 months of support for families who may or may not have Child Protection involvement, and who are seeking support around addressing identified issues, and building parenting skills and capacity. Families can self refer to this program to gain support to address issues and prevent Child Protection involvement.

Integrated Family Services
(Early Years 0-2)

The IFS—Early Years program aims to work with mothers of children 0 – 2, where there are risk factors present, notably family violence, mental health issues and substance abuse concerns. The IFS—Early Years Worker will respond to Aboriginal families in providing practical support and early intervention services, with a focus on babies at risk to keep them safe, and remain within the family unit and out of Child Protection services.

Intensive Family Services

(Intensive 200 Hour Service)

The Wanjana Lidj Intensive Family Services response will be provided to families where Aboriginal children are subject to a Family Preservation or a Family Reunification order. The Intensive Family Services response can also be provided where a Protection Application by emergency care has been issued and the child/children are subject to an interim accommodation order (IAO).

We will work intensively with families and in partnership with Child Protection and other relevant services, to achieve family action goals by promoting child safety and development, increasing parenting capacity, and family function, and work towards the ultimate goal of keeping children safe, families together, and preventing further Child Protection involvement.