Yarning About Family

This program is a chance to meet up with others in the community to learn new skills and gain more knowledge particularly around connecting and building relationships with

It is a family focused and child centred program that is aimed at helping to provide a better future for children by assisting in improving the outcomes for Aboriginal People and their Communities.

In order to provide Aboriginal families and children with the best start in life, Yarning About Family is a safe place that:

  • Provides learning opportunities between parents and children.
  • Gives families access to resources and support.
  • Helps to strengthen families and their connection to culture.
  • Providing opportunities for parents to increase their life skills and knowledge.
  • Assist in crisis situations.

Yarning About Family provides the Aboriginal Community with:

  • Early intervention, providing an understanding of child development
    and Maternal Child Health Checks.
  • School Readiness, increasing the literacy and numeracy skills of Aboriginal Children aged 0-8.
  • Opportunities for parents to learn and build on their skills.
  • Healthy living, promoting healthy parents and healthy children.
  • Healthy choices, providing information on the impact of health and non—healthy foods.

We invite all pregnant Aboriginal women, parents, and carers of Aboriginal children aged 0-8 to join us.