Quality Statement

Quality Statement

The Board, CEO and Management of Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation are committed to developing and fostering a workplace culture that supports continuous quality improvement and ongoing commitment to achieving and maintaining accreditation and certification processes.

By doing this we will demonstrate to our community that we are committed to the utmost Quality in delivery of services across the many programs we provide.

There are also many important benefits that will flow into our Community, such as:

a) Services being consistently delivered to our clients’ expectations and constantly being improved based on their feedback;
b) Increased funding opportunities allowing us to run more effective programs;
c) More efficient and streamlined process flows;
d) More efficient staff interaction across programs.

ISO:9001 2015 and associated accreditation processes will also enhance our ability to meet our Customer, Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

It is in all our interests that this project succeeds, as the long term benefits to the Community and Ramahyuck are substantial.

Full Quality Policy