Quality and Risk

Quality Management

By maintaining effective quality management systems we aim to:

  • Continuously improve the health and wellbeing of the Aboriginal Community by identifying problem, implementing and monitoring corrective actions, and reviewing the effectiveness of change; and
  • Achieve and maintain certification against the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standard and to further enhance quality improvement initiatives across Ramahyuck.

Our work in this area ensures that a structured process is used to identify opportunities for improvement in our primary health care delivery systems  and support staff to develop effective responses. This work is a long-term approach that:

  • Re-examines processes and outcomes and is data driven.
  • Facilitates cultural change and shared success.
  • Enhances information management, client records and documentation.
  • Provides a means to determine and track program performance and effectiveness.
  • Allows for creative and innovative solutions and and creates an environment in which management and staff constantly strive to improve service delivery.
  • Helps to create an understanding of the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.