Koori Girls Youth Program

The Koori Girls Youth Program was launched in 2006 and is a significant new Ramahyuck initiative aimed at providing personal and creative development opportunities for young girls. The Koori Girls Program has already delivered significant outcomes for young Koori girls in the Sale area.

The activities provided through the Koori Girls Program are designed to build confidence and skills in a safe environment while also raising awareness of important issues such as personal safety and hygiene.

The Program features a wide variety of workshops and activities including:

-Health and Hygiene workshops providing girls with an opportunity to learn from visiting dieticians and attended a fitness classes.

-Creative development activities such as Jewellery making, painting, scrapbooking, card making, colouring competitions, face painting, drawing, and jazz funk dance classes.

-Self Defence classes


-Health awareness activities

-Positive role modelling

Throughout all of the Koori Girls Program activities we work closely with schools to promote the importance of school attendance to both boys and girls. We receive valuable support from schools in the area who are starting to see improvements in attendances. We also use our contact with children as an opportunity to provide healthy snacks and lunches.