Djillay Lidj Best Start Program

Best Start is a Victorian government early years initiative.  It supports families, caregivers

and communities to provide the best possible environment, experiences and care for

young children in the important years from pregnancy to school. Best Start aims

to help families to improve health, development, learning and wellbeing of all Victorian

children (0-8 years). It supports service providers to make links with Aborginal

communities, children and families in the early year’s areas to meet their needs.

It has a strong emphasis on prevention and early intervention.


These improvements are expected to result in:

  • Better access to health services and early education for children and families
  • Encouraging families to link with service providers
  • Help build parents knowledge, skills and confidence to increase a better family environment.
  • Strengthening communities that are more child and family friendly.

The role of the Best Start Facilitators is to:

-         Monitor the Djillay Lidji Action Plan; this is implemented by the Best Start Partnership.

-          to decrease rate of re-reports to child protection and to improve reading, writing and numeracy

      in Aborginal children

-          Design and make literacy and numeracy bags for all Aboriginal children attending Kindergarten

      and grade prep.

-          Screen all Aborginal children attending 3 and 4 year old Kindergarten and Grade Prep, to identify

      any potential health issues before commencement of kindergarten and school.

-          Linking in with Kindergartens and Schools to support families with enrolment, transitioning, and

      follow up referrals which are generated from the Screening Days.

-          To oversee the operations of the Djillay Lidji Playgroup at Noah’s Ark in Morwell.

-          to maintain healthy links with community by consultation and networking   


“Our children are our present and future” Aborginal Best Start cultural beliefs"